«At least 13 dead and 3 missing»- time.news

«At least 13 dead and 3 missing»- time.news

2023-10-01 22:37:05

by Marco Bruna

The cause that started the fire is not yet clear. The mayor of Murcia: Only 3 bodies identified, DNA is needed for the others. The nightclub burned down in 2009. The region of Murcia declared three days of mourning

Mom, I love you, we are dying: the desperate message, a voicemail, sent by one of the victims of the fire that broke out this morning, at dawn, in a nightclub in Murcia, in southern Spain. A message intended for her mother. I love you, says the 28-year-old.

At least 12 people died with her – there were no Italians among the victims – and four others were poisoned in the fire at the Teatre nightclub, in the Las Atalayas neighbourhood. While there are three missing. The woman’s father played her voice to journalists: he sent an audio to her mother saying what was happening, that she was leaving. They could hear the screams, they couldn’t breathe, Jairo said with his voice breaking from crying.

In the evening, when the fire was put out and the authorities took the death toll, the mayor of Murcia announced the definitive number of dead: 13 bodies were recovered, of which only 3 were identified – underlined the mayor – . To identify the other 10, a DNA test will be needed. So there are three missing, however at the moment no further human remains have been found in the area affected by the fire.

The fire apparently started from the La Fonda restaurant, which is located next to the Teatre, according to the Spanish newspaper El Mundo.

A party was also taking place in the venue for the 30th birthday of a boy, as reported by the local newspaper Opinion de Murcia, in the presence of about twenty people from his family, of Nicaraguan origin, who emigrated to Spain about fifteen years ago.

The fire consumed the roof, the flames spread rapidly everywhere and were put out with difficulty by the firefighters.

Vice President Yolanda Diaz spoke on behalf of the government on X: We are following the news of the tragedy in Murcia with concern. My love goes out to all those affected and my condolences to their families.

The disco was also on fire in 2009

This is not the first time a fire has broken out in the nightclub: already in June 2009 some cables in the facade caught fire, forcing the evacuation of the venue. The region of Murcia declared three days of mourning.

The precedents of Zaragoza and Madrid

This morning’s fire is the deadliest recorded in Spain since the tragedy experienced in 1990 in the Flying nightclub in Zaragoza, where 43 people died. The greatest tragedy to occur in a Spanish nightclub occurred in Madrid, however, on 17 December 1983, when flames devastated the premises of Alcal 20, causing the death of 81 people, most of them very young. That disaster caused a political storm as investigations showed that what made the catastrophe even more serious was the failure of the lighting system and a closed security door. After that fire, Spain approved many regulations to increase safety in premises.

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