At the exhibition in Moscow, matryoshka dolls were dressed in all the costumes of the world

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The Museum of Decorative Arts showed works created by pupils of orphanages

The All-Russian Museum of Decorative Arts has opened the exhibition “Mission Matryoshka”, the exhibits of which in every detail represent the national costumes of different peoples. Wooden toys were painted by children from orphanages and boarding schools throughout the country. These nesting dolls can be used to study the symbolism of women’s folk costume – each pattern and accessory has its own meaning and purpose. Not only nesting dolls, but also master classes and a puppet theater tell the guests about the history of traditional costumes.

The first hall, however, presents not nesting dolls, but straw dolls. They are dressed in costumes from different nations of the world, and you can read which region each doll represents. However, the meaning of all the attributes and patterns is not explained here in detail. But they look spectacular – detailed and skillfully made, so it’s hard to believe that their authors are children. The second hall already presents nesting dolls – wooden dolls 30 centimeters high. They, too – everything is painted to the limit realistically and in detail as if for selection. The third time is interactive. There are master classes and a children’s puppet theater. One of the master classes is taking place right now.

– Black patterns, frills, solar signs – every detail can tell about the costume and its wearers, – the master Valentina Telegin tells the children. – Look at this doll. She is wearing a late costume, late nineteenth century, we can understand this, because he borrows elements from urban culture. For example, a red sundress from a fabric factory. At the same time, she is wearing an old headdress – a lobby, which was worn on the days of big holidays, at weddings. This is a wide strip of fabric, decorated with gold braids, beads, sequins, buttons. This is the costume of the Oryol province, the village of Aleshnya – such a head pattern is traditional for those places. The exhibition presents traditional fashion from different regions. Not only Russia, but also Ukraine, Belarus, Armenia, Lithuania, Greece, Vietnam.

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Evelina Bledans and Vladimir Levkin at the exhibition “Mission matryoshka”: shots of stars

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