At the Mobile World Congress Shanghai there was talk of school and new technologies

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The decisive role of digital technologies for post-Covid-19 recovery. Innovation as a driving force to ensure “didactic continuity, make education more inclusive by providing interactive and lasting teaching through websites, online libraries, video courses ”.

These are the words of Stefania Giannini, former Minister of Education, University and Research and current Deputy Director of Unesco, responsible for Education, who spoke at Connected for Shared Prosperity, Huawei’s pre-opening event of the Mobile World Congress – MWC Shanghai 2021, organized by GSMA and scheduled until February 25th.

Theme of the forum, the fight against climate change and sustainable development. “In 2016 the mobile industry was the first ad fully adhere to the 17 UN objectives. Since then we have been working to contribute to each of the goals, including climate action, digital inclusion and sustainability, ”said GSMA CEO Mats Granryd.

Right to universal connection

A necessity highlighted by Stefania Giannini which is based on heavy data and evidence: on average at a global level 3.5 months of school were lost during the pandemic. Not only. Only half of the global population is online, with digital divide reaching 3 out of 4 students in Africa. In this sense, according to the former minister, the right to connection, universal and affordable, must now be strongly reaffirmed.

Digital, an instrument of progress

A theme, education, also at the center of the speech by Catherine Chen, Corporate Senior Vice President Director of the Board of Huawei. “Digital technologies – he said – will play a central role in the development of equitable education for the largest possible number of beneficiaries. Technology is an instrument of progress, it is necessary overcome a politicized view of technologies, for the good of society we must say enough to demonizations ”. Chen also recalled Huawei’s commitment in collaboration with UNESCO for the launch of the three-year international program “Open Schools” in Egypt, Ethiopia, Ghana to improve digital skills with online distance learning.

The Mobile World Congress 2021

Mwc Shanghai 2021 is the first fair in presence organized by GSMA all over the world since the outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic last year. According to GSMA, more than 200 exhibitors will be present. These include 50 international exhibitors from the mobile industry, including world leading companies such as Ericsson, Qualcomm and Nokia.

This year’s event will feature more than 40 speeches and various lectures. According to GSMA, around 80 exhibitors will showcase their latest products in fields such as 5G messaging, millimeter waves, the Internet of Things and blockchain. In addition to the face-to-face activities, a virtual platform will be launched during the event. MWC events are held annually in Barcelona, ​​Los Angeles and Shanghai. Previously, Barcelona has always been the starting point for annual activities and also an important platform for the worldwide presentation of new products in the mobile sector.


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