Anne Hidalgo pours a little oil into the creaking social cogs of the Paris City Hall. Returning full time to City Hall after the fiasco of her presidential campaign, the socialist mayor is preparing to partially satisfy one of the major demands of the unions, by getting some 1,600 municipal employees out of precariousness in three years. The first stage of the plan drawn up in this direction will be submitted to the vote of the elected officials at the next Council of Paris, from July 5.

“This plan is the illustration of our desire to fight against precariousness, says Antoine Guillou, Anne Hidalgo’s deputy in charge of human resources. It is based on a diagnosis shared with the trade unions. » They gave an almost unanimous favorable opinion on June 7. Only the FSU abstained, judging the project insufficient. The unions are all the more pleased with this progress as they had to accept an increase in working hours as part of the application to the Paris City Hall of the law on the transformation of the civil service. “This plan against precariousness is a bit of a counterpart”, slips a trade unionist.

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The stakes are high. The City of Paris is an enormous machinery, which employs around 52,250 people on a permanent basis. Mainly civil servants, but also more than 5,000 “contract workers”, whether they have a fixed-term (CDD) or indefinite (CDI) contract. In addition, there are a large number of temporary workers. Around 20,000 are paid each year, the majority of them women. Some for a single service, others for months of work: leisure center leaders, canteen supervisors, teachers giving lessons for adults, cleaning staff, school guards, etc.

For years, the unions have criticized the massive use of temporary workers and fixed-term contracts. “Always more precariousness in the City of Paris! »still denounced in January a leaflet of the union FSU. “The City employs thousands of temporary workers and contractors as a “management facility”, in an abusive and illegal manner”says Nicolas Léger, one of the leaders of the organization. “Yes, the City is in total irregularity, emphasizes Bertrand Vincent, of Force Ouvrière. She bends the rules, and sometimes resorts to vacations to replace an incumbent who is on maternity leave, for example. »

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Antoine Guillou takes another look. “Given the size of the Parisian public service, with 650 schools in particular, it is not abnormal to employ temporary workers, tempers the “Mr. Human Resources” of the Town Hall. It is often a question of responding to peaks of activity during the day, week or year. For example, we need officers to help children cross zebra crossings just before and just after school. »

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