Athletics, indoor Europeans: Silver Tamberi in the top

Gianmarco Tamberi won the silver medal in the high jump final at the European indoor championships taking place in Turun. The blue finished with a jump to 2.35 which is only lower than that of the Belarusian Maksim Nedasekau at 2.37, the most anticipated opponent on the way to the top step of the podium. It is the second Italian medal at the Euroindoor of Torun after Marcell Jacobs’ gold last night in the 60 meters. The race of the other was a real swing in the lead, with Tamberi driving up to 2.31, and the Belarusian who turns on only beyond that altitude, after having struggled even on the lower ones. For Tamberi clear path from 2.23 to 2.29, while the Belarusian Nedasekau makes mistakes at 2.23 and 2.29. At 2.31 only the two of them remain to battle for gold. As expected, the Belarusian exceeds the quota on the first attempt, and overturns the ranking, taking the lead. Gimbo responds immediately, 2.31 for him too and goes back to the head. But Nedasekau is transformed: forget the stammering on the lower altitudes, exceeds 2.33 in the first test, and still takes the lead. Tamberi makes a mistake, but decides not to move on to the next quota, and to try 2.33 again. Good choice: the second attempt is perfect. The ranking now sees the blue in second place, but at 2.35 he will have three jumps available. At the first appeal Nedasekau is quite wrong, Gimbo drops the bar, but really nothing. Second test, heart pounding. The Belarusian is still wrong. Gimbo is superb. The 2.35 is colored in the rainbow and makes the blue “torcida” explode. The exultation is overwhelming, somersaults in succession and applause at the curve. But that’s not all. Nedasekau chooses to spend the last remaining attempt at 2.37. And once again, he makes it. Gold is around the neck. Tamberi still tries 2.37, but this is not his day. Who knows, if we want to look further, the defeat – let’s say the half victory – will leave Tamberi with that desire for revenge which, in the Olympic season, could be a decisive additive.


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