Atlantia, new shock. Sabrina Benetton resigns from the board: “Mutual discomfort”

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Atlantia, new shock. Sabrina Benetton resigns from the board: “Mutual discomfort”

While there is still discussion on the process for the Benetton’s exit from Autostrade, with the purchase process by Cdp, following the tragedy of the Morandi Bridge in Genoa, which cost the lives of 43 people. From the board of directors of Atlantia, the holding company controlling Autostrade in turn 30% owned by the Benetton family – we read in the Corriere della Sera – comes a jolt destined to make noise. Sabrina Benetton, daughter of the late Gilberto abandons her role as councilor. She had only been on the board for a year and a half, in share to the controlling shareholder. Sources attribute to this choice of Sabrina the signal of a profound malaise towards the current management of Atlantia which is negotiating with the consortium led by Cassa Depositi for the sale of 88% of Autostrade. It would be proof of a latent conflict within the family over the management of this process. A step back topped with “an unease” that she even defines as “mutual”.

It seems that Sabrina – continues the Corriere – is tired of seeing her name associated with the Autostrade game. Last November Enrico Laghi was called to mediate at the helm of Edizione – the Benetton holding company divided equally into four shares representing as many branches. He has the mandate to close an agreement with the consortium that will enhance Autostrade at a reasonable price. Laghi is a man of great insights into Roman palaces, a former extraordinary commissioner of Alitalia and Ilva, a great expert in insolvency procedures. His appointment was read as a relaxing signal to the previous government to find an agreement that would definitively exclude the Benettons from the capital of Autostrade.

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