Atleti and Chelsea, in search of the formula

Atleti and Chelsea, in search of the formula

2023-05-11 23:56:27

The winter market was a small revolution in the Atletico Madrid, especially in the departures section. to the march of Felipe y Matheus Cunha joined that of a Joao Felix Who knows who’s fault or what, It did not yield on the Metropolitan lawn.

Now, five months later and with the season already dying, the time has come to assess the general situation and the obvious, which is the superlative improvement of Atlético de Madrid, joins the bad situation that Joao Félix is ​​going through in London. The player, who according to sources close to the Chelseafits like a glove in the locker room “blue”, does not do so much in the game system of Frank Lampard, who will presumably leave the club at the end of the season. This uncertainty that surrounds the bench of the London team contrasts with the opinion of the owner of the Chelsea, Todd Bohelywhat He is in love with the Portuguese player.

On the other side of the negotiating table is the Athletes. For once, the rojiblanco team has the upper hand and has made things very clear. He doesn’t care at all that Joao Felix return to athletic discipline and if anyone wants it the price is 100 million of
euro. A prohibitive price for a Chelsea that, except for a miracle, will not be in Europa next season but that does not give up having a competitive team in the very tight Premier League.

For this reason, the water begins to move and the river already sounds. The first names to come to the fore from the English team have been Marc Cucurella y Aubameyang. Names that are in line with what the rojiblanca sports field could look for in the market. A winger who can act as winger on the left wing and a striker who competes with Moratawhich seems that he will continue to wear the red and white jacket.

However, and despite the insistence from Portugal about a possible exchange of trading cards, the Atletico Madrid follow all this, which right now seems to be smoke, calmly. And for now, with only two scenarios in mind. Money for a transfer or for a new assignment or the player returns to Madrid. The poker game is served.

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