Attack in Syria: Syrian anti-aircraft missile explodes in Mediterranean Sea

by time news

A Syrian anti-aircraft missile fired, according to reports, at Air Force planes during the attack attributed to Israel (tonight) in Syria, apparently fell in the Mediterranean.

According to estimates at this stage, the missile did not cross Israel’s airspace, as has already happened in the past, but over Lebanon, and the fall was closer to the shores of Lebanon than Israel.

Syrian media reported last night an attack carried out in the central Homs district. It was further reported that the target of the attack, apparently, was a shipment of weapons destined for Hezbollah. According to the Syrian media, at least four people were killed in the attack, which was attributed to Israel, and seven people were injured, including six soldiers and one civilian.

Earlier this month, Syrian media reported that explosions had been heard in the Homs area and the city of Tartus. According to various recent reports, Syria has attributed several attacks to Israel on its territory.


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