Attack on Judge Uri Shoham: “Scandalous decision”

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Sharp attack on the Ombudsman for Complaints against Judges, retired Judge Uri Shoham, following his decision to ban the Chief Rabbi of Israel, Rabbi Yitzhak Yosef, to comment on Minister Matan Kahana’s kosher reform, and even to consider dismissing him.

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The Chief Rabbi of Israel and the President of the Great Court, Rabbi David Lau, attacked the decision, saying: This is the role of a chief rabbi, to express the position of halakhah and to uphold “you shall not dwell in front of anyone.”

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“The chief rabbis of Israel together with the rabbis of Israel will continue to be vigilant and will not be influenced by one criticism or another,” said Rabbi Lau.

The Minister of Religious Affairs, Matan Kahana, also referred to the decision and said: “The freedom of speech and expression of rabbis and spiritual leaders, even if they hold a government position, is the core of the trust that audiences acquire for their value and spiritual leader. The trust of their audience from their shepherds and they hear them take. “

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“In recent months, I have been personally hurt several times by the statements of the Rishon Lezion Gaon Rabbi Yosef, however I gritted my teeth and remained silent. I will do the same this time as long as the law allows me to do so, “said Kahana.

Member of Knesset Moshe Arbel said: “Uri Shoham’s old age shames his youth. Every sensible person understands the role of a rabbi in Israel since the giving of the Torah, to carry the word of Gd proudly and to keep it, you will not live in front of anyone.”

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Arbel attacked them and said: “The lack of courage to handle my appeals against a family court judge who disobeyed and other serious complaints, leaves him time to work for the Reform Center and despise the honor of the Torah and Maran Rishon LeZion and act as the last ignorant and peoples. Justice in Israel. “

MK Yinon Azulai said: “Judge Uri Shoham’s decision is a scandalous decision, that every Jew should be shocked and hurt by the violation of the dignity of the Torah.

“The Rishon LeZion Gaon Rabbi Yitzchak Yosef Shlita in his words, continues to copy the rumor and Torah opinion of the rabbis of Israel from time immemorial and so he will continue to do so without fear and apprehension. This is the Torah will not be replaced. I suggest to Judge Shoham to concentrate his energies on dealing with the problems in the justice system, and there are many of them. “

MK Michael Malkieli said: “The decision of the Ombudsman, Uri Shoham, is a national day of mourning that will be remembered for generations. This is a serious injury to any conservative public in Israel whose religion is dear to their hearts.

The chairman of Religious Zionism, Bezalel Smutrich, said: “The attempt to prevent the chief rabbis from expressing their opinions on issues within their authority and responsibility is serious and outrageous, and Minister Kahana did well to reject Commissioner Shoham’s recommendations outright.”

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