Attack on Salman Rushdie: Victim’s family refuses to comment | FatherofmanwhotriedtokillRushdielockshimselfrefusestospeak

Beirut: The family of the suspect in the case of the attempted assassination of novelist Salman Rushdie refused to respond to the media. Police identified the suspect in Friday’s attack in New York as Hadi Matar, 24, of New Jersey, who is of Lebanese descent.

The town’s mayor, Ali Tefe, said that his father had locked up his house in southern Lebanon and was not ready to talk to anyone. Matar’s parents, who immigrated to America from Lebanon, later returned to Lebanon.

Mather was born and raised in America. “The father is now in the country. But he is not talking about this to anyone. He is staying inside the house. We tried a lot but he does not make him talk,” said Mayor Ali Tefe.


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