attacked an 8-year-old boy with brain cancer in the match between Ajaccio and Marseille

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2023-06-05 11:46:13

The game this Saturday at the french league between Ajaccio and Olympique de Marseille left for the memory an unfortunate event in the capital of corsica. In the run-up to the match, ultra fans of the local team attacked an eight-year-old boy with a brain tumor who had attended the last game of the season invited by Marseille.

To the young follower of Olympique, called Kenzo, they attacked him when he was with his family in one of the boxes of the Ajaccio stadium. About fifteen Corsican followers burst into the room where they were, hit the boy’s father with a couple of punches, pushed the little boy, tore off his shirt and burned it in front of him. The case has caused a stir in France.

Photos with the players

Before the unfortunate attack took place, little Kenzo was able to meet several of his Olympique de Marseille heroes, including his favorite player: Matthew Guendouzi, with whom you took a photo.

The club condemned the “indescribable acts” while the French media RMC Sport affirms that there were racist chants inside the stadium. There are also images of a journalist being attacked.

“As soon as the people have been identified by our services, we will file a complaint against them. AC Ajaccio stands in solidarity with little Kenzo and his parents,” the club wrote in a statement.

dismay in the family

When the incident became known, the club’s security intervened and Kenzo and his family were treated and escorted to the changing room area.

Kenzo’s mother, Amandine, told Corse-Matin: “As we thought we were safe in the box, I allowed Kenzo to put on his jersey, my husband took his hand to show the players walking onto the pitch. And it all went wrong. My son was pushed and his head hit the railing.”

“There were fifteen of them, so I couldn’t do anything. They ran over me, opened the dressing room door, punched my husband twice in the face, pushed my son, who fell and hit his face on the bar iron seat”, added the mother to public radio France Bleu. “They ripped off his shirt and burned it. We’re in shock, we can’t get over it.”

open investigation

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The Ajaccio Prosecutor’s Office, on the French island of Corsica, opened an investigation this Sunday into the attacks and an attack suffered by a journalist.

Ajaccio-OM had been causing serious incidents since last Friday, when four people suffered minor injuries and one was arrested in the clashes that broke out between the fans of the two clubs (between whom there is no history of animosity special).

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