Attanasio and Iacovacci were killed as they fled – He tried to save the ambassador by taking him away from the line of fire that existed between the armed groups and the rangers. She attempted to drive him away while the conflict was going on. But there was nothing to be done. So they died, killed by the assailants of the Pam convoy who fired in their direction, the Italian ambassador Luca Attanasio and the carabiniere Vittorio Iacovacci that was his escort.

The reconstruction of what happened last February 22, in the Democratic Republic of Congo, near Kibumba, north of Goma, near the Virunga National Park, is linked to testimonies acquired by the carabinieri of the Ros delegated by the prosecutor of Rome Michele Prestipino and the prosecutors in charge of the proceedings, Sergio Colaiocco and Alberto Pioletti.

In fact the two were shot as they attempted to escape during the violent shooting between the rangers and the assailants. As far as the latter are concerned, the matrix of the ambush, the membership of the armed group and the reasons for the kidnapping are still being investigated. A third mission to Goma of the Carabinieri del Ros is still being evaluated: the ballistic investigations must be completed and further elements on the dynamics of the facts must be acquired from the local authorities.



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