Attendance at an undeclared rave party has tripled since Friday

Attendance at an undeclared rave party has tripled since Friday

2023-05-28 16:47:03

From single to triple. Some 1,500 people have joined since Friday a rave-party undeclared which began Friday night in the countryside of Roybon, in Iseresaid the prefecture of the department.

The festive gathering had started in the night from Friday to Saturday around 2 a.m. “on private land, a sown agricultural field”, specified the prefecture, with 450 participants at the start of the event. In a press release, the prefect announced that he had activated a crisis unit on the spot including firefighters, gendarmes and rescuers until the end of the rave-party, which according to the prefecture “could last until Monday”.

Field Owner Complaint

The gendarmes of Isère and Drôme, bordering department, are deployed on the roads which serve the zone since Saturday morning. Since the start of the event, 300 vehicles have been checked and 43 fixed fines have been issued for the use of narcotics.

According to the local press, this gathering is taking place near the Bois des Avenières, near the old STERN (zone to be defended), occupied between 2014 and 2020 by opponents of the Center Parcs project led by the Pierre et Vacances group, finally abandoned in the summer of 2020. The owner of the field, whose harvest was “devastated”, filed a complaint yesterday with the gendarmerie, the prefecture said.

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