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A special walk in the Lohman Park last Wednesday, September 21, 2022: A memorial route was walked on Alzheimer’s Day.

In the Lohman Park there were signs in the grass with old Ridderkerk photos. The photos were supplied by the Oudheidkamer. Participants could walk around the signs, reminisce and drink a cup of coffee. Informal carers and people with dementia could join, but also those who felt lonely. The memorial route was organized by Facet Ridderkerk.

Dementia is a brain disorder. The functions controlled by the brain are disrupted because nerve cells or connections are broken. Depending on which part of the brain is affected, it affects memory or mobility.

One in five

There are 56 different types of dementia, of which Alzheimer’s disease is the most common. In 2020, there were 1,000 people diagnosed with dementia in Ridderkerk. In 2040 it is expected that there will be 1,500 in Ridderkerk. One in five people will experience some form of dementia, either themselves or in those around them.

It was not just that a walk was organised: a lot of research shows that people who get enough exercise are less likely to develop dementia. With this remembrance route, Facet not only wanted to draw attention to dementia, but also directly stimulate people to get or stay active.

People who exercise enough are less likely to develop dementia.

Exercise is very healthy for the brain. Exercise is thought to stimulate blood flow in the brain and the production of new nerve cell connections.

After the memorial route, the participants could visit Wijkcentrum West. There they enjoyed a performance by a shanty choir with a drink and a snack.

Photo: Municipality of Ridderkerk


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