“Attracting young people more”

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“In medicine, we have a duty to stimulate our students to deepen scientific aspects and also to research. We have examples of degree courses that allow for in-depth research, but they are few. I believe that we should stimulate – both in medical degree courses and in specialization courses – the research aspect. We need to attract more young people to this world, because there has been a reduced interest linked, perhaps, also to the uncertainty of researchers’ careers “. Research Minister, Maria Cristina Messa, intervened in ‘1000azionioltrelaSm: co-responsibility, innovation, sustainability towards the 2025 agenda’, webinar organized at the end of World Multiple Sclerosis Day and to open the National Week dedicated to the disease, promoted by Aism (Italian Multiple Sclerosis Association) and its Fism Foundation.

“We work together – Mass said in dialogue with AISM – to connect research and health more and more, to attract more young people in the desire to do research that responds to a mission and changes people’s lives. We collaborate to create infrastructures research communities, including between public and private: in the new National Research Plan we have allocated 1.5 billion for this. A unique opportunity. And we work together to give substance to the full involvement of citizens and people directly involved in addressing the search for the answers they need “.

“In these three fields – concluded the minister – the path that an association like Aism has built represents a virtuous model, to be shared and exported in many areas”.

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