Audio equipment rises in price amid falling demand

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In July 2021, 184,000 portable audio speakers were sold in Russia for a total of 1.272 billion rubles, it follows from the statistics of retailers, which Vedomosti got acquainted with. According to these data, in July 2020, retailers sold almost 239,000 portable speakers for 1.267 billion rubles.

Thus, in quantitative terms, sales of portable speakers decreased by 54,000 units year-on-year, or by 22.7%. At the same time, the average price of a device in July 2020 amounted to 5309 rubles, and in July 2021 – already 6899 rubles, an increase of 29.9%. Therefore, total sales revenue remained virtually unchanged (up 0.4%).

Wireless speakers account for 60% of revenue and 75% of all audio equipment sales in Russia, explains a representative of the network.

In the segment of wireless speakers in July 2021, as in the previous year, JBL is in the lead with a share of 69.1% in units, 83.8% in revenue. The top 5 in terms of sales also includes the brands Sony (2.7% in pieces, 3.2% in money), Rombica (2.6 and 0.3%), Mi (2 and 0.3%).


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