Australia test Team Captain: 2 people in the race for the captaincy of the Australian Test team: The selection committee in chaos! – cummins smith probably two best candidates for australia test skipper s role says lyon

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With just two weeks to go before the start of the Ashes series between Australia and England, Australian team captain Tim Payne recently resigned and shocked everyone.

What is the reason?

In March 2018, when the Australian team traveled to South Africa to participate in the Test series, captain Steven Smith was removed from the captaincy and handed over to Tim Payne for allegedly damaging the ball. Exactly three months after she took office, a woman complained to the Cricket Board of Australia that Payne had sent her sexually explicit photos.

Payne was later acquitted and allowed to continue as captain by the Cricket Board of Australia. As a result, the captaincy has resigned.

The new captain?

Following the Australian team’s management being forced to appoint a new captain for the Test team, it was decided to appoint one of the two captains, Pat Cummins and eventually Steven Smith.

The two were immediately summoned for a face-to-face meeting. The Cricket Board of Australia then consulted again. It has been reported that the delay in appointing a new captain has continued.

Speaking on the occasion, Australian spinner Nathan Line said, “Both are great. Have been going to the interview. I played for New South Wales cricket under Pat Cummins captaincy last year. Led the team in an excellent manner. I think he has a lot of support on the team. Steven Smith is no less. He is the greatest batsman in the world. He is also eligible for the captaincy. No one can be underestimated. ”

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