Austria: Feminists storm offices of “oe24”

Panorama According to Vienna reporting

Feminist activists broke into the oe24 offices

A group of 20 feminists broke into the office of the Austrian news website “oe24” in Vienna. They caused a riot with banners and a megaphone. The reason: alleged “sexism and racism” in the coverage of the murder in Vienna.

MIth members of a feminist group stormed the offices of the Austrian tabloid “oe24” in Vienna on Wednesday afternoon. With banners and a megaphone, they entered offices on the news site. According to their own information, the 20 feminists belong to the group “Alerta Feminista” or WEFA (“Wiener Einsatzgruppe Feministische Alarmabteilung”).

Reason for the attack: alleged “sexism and racism” in the coverage of the murder of 13-year-old Leonie in Vienna.

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On a leaflet by the activists, which they also published on Twitter, it says: “You write of a relationship act or love drama, although it is murders, femicides. You play down violence. You are addressing (the murders; the Red.) only if they fit into your racist worldview. ”

Activists came through garbage dump

They continue to write: “You say that sexual violence against FLINTAs – women, lesbians, inter, non-binary and trans people – is imported. We say violence against FLINTAS is the cruel consequence of a sexist society, of capitalism and patriarchy. “

The activists did not get to the editorial office via the garbage room, but to the advertising sales offices of “oe24”. An angry woman shouted: “You are blind and too cowardly to respect and reflect on your own violence.” A banner read: “Here you have your war of the roses! One (s) does not kill for love. “

An “oe24” employee responded to the hooded activists, as can be seen on a Twitter video: “You are too cowardly to show your faces!” However, there should not have been any injuries during the action.

The police were on site within a few minutes. The masked people fled and then tried to occupy the Secession art exhibition building.

“Oe24” managing director Niki Fellner made it clear in a statement: “We condemn this violent intrusion by hooded extremists on freedom of the media.” Austria’s Interior Minister Karl Nehammer (ÖVP) also defended freedom of the press: “The protection of fundamental rights and freedoms is one of the most important tasks of the police. This is inextricably linked to the free reporting of the press and that is what we stand for. “



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