Samsung starts producing small 3nm GAA chips now.

Samsung Foundry has announced that production of its 1st generation 3nm processors has now begun using GAA (Gate-All-Around) architecture, the successor to FinFET. Compared to a 5nm chip, Samsung’s first 3nm chip offers a 23% increase in efficiency, up to 45% power savings and 16% less space usage. Samsung is still aiming for the second-generation […]

Manipur Landslide – Death Toll Rises to 34 – Daily Telegraph

Manipur landslide – death toll rises to 34 Daily Telegraph Dead body dug up.. Death toll rises to 80 in Manipur landslide.. What is the fate of 50 people? Oneindia Tamil Today’s Crime Round Up: 5 Arrested For Making Fake Belts dinamalar Manipur Landslide: 24 killed including 18 soldiers; 38 people mayam – the search […]

Due to encroachment of stream, difficulty in rain water flow

Date of Registration: July 03,2022 04:04 Bodi: Bodi Union is a part of the Chuttaganga stream under the Shilamalai field. When the 18th canal water is opened, the water in the Sudtagangai water stream will overflow and will go to Chillamarathupatti, Perumal Kauntanpatti, Ammapatti, Meenakshipuram Periyakanmai areas. This will benefit 800 acres of agricultural land. […]

Why Turkey is stepping up against Greece

We must always interpret with caution the rhetoric of politicians and governments when we are in an election period, when the abominations that are uttered are for internal and electoral use. Turkey is obviously no exception in this regard. The country is in a pre-election period and the economy risks becoming Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s Achilles’ […]

“Yes to Ius Scholae, no to ghetto classes”, the pediatrician’s warning

“In Italy one child out of 6 has both parents foreigners. Their presence is a resource for our country” and “I agree in the granting of both the Ius Soli and the Ius Scholae. But in this regard, it is desirable that bearing in mind the need to always guarantee an equal presence of children […]