Auto, European market down by 20% in February –

The car market in Europe continues to decline. In February, new car registrations in the EU + EFTA + Gb countries were 850,170, 20.3% less than in February 2020, the last month before the outbreak of the pandemic. The data was published by That, the European association of manufacturers. In the European Union, new registrations fell by 19.3% to 771,486 cars.

Italy, limited decrease

Among the main EU markets, Italy recorded the smallest decline (-12.3%) thanks to incentives, while the other markets recorded more marked decreases: Germany (-19%), France (-20, 9%) and Spain (-38.4%). Compared to the rest of Western Europe, Italy – observes the Promotor Study Center – manages to contain losses thanks to incentives launched with the Budget Law also for vehicles with traditional fuel, but with emissions not exceeding 135 gr / km of CO2. The budget for these incentives is rapidly running out. Today they still are 54.8 million available and, taking into account the average daily bookings from the beginning of the campaign to today, funds still remain for these incentives until the end of March.

The growth of electric and hybrid cars

In all European countries there is an increase in registrations of electric or hybrid cars with rechargeable batteries with plug. an effect of the strong incentives in force in almost all these countries – explains Gian Primo Quagliano, president of the CSP – with allocations much higher than the market’s ability to use them for infrastructural deficiencies which penalize the spread of electric cars. In Italy this situation is remedied with incentives also for the purchase of cars with traditional fuel, but with limited emissions.

The decline of Stellantis

The Stellantis group registered 198,883 cars in the European Union and the United Kingdom in February, 22.4% less than in the same month of 2020. The share was 23.4% compared to 24%. In the first two months, the group’s registrations totaled 377,905, down by 24.7% compared to the same period last year, equal to a share of 22.3% (it was 22.8%).

The collapse of Spain

Returning to the other major markets in the area, in Germany in February there was a decline of 19% and according to Reinhard Zirpel, president of car manufacturers, the German car market is once again heading towards a disastrous annual result and this despite strong investments to support sales. In France, where incentives for the auto sector were recently renewed, the February drop of 20.9%. The situation in the other two large markets of the area, that of the United Kingdom and that of Spain, is much worse. In the United Kingdom in February the decline of 35.5% with a level of registrations not seen since 1959. In Spain the even greater decline (-38.4%)


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