Time.news – Three months after the assault by Donald Trump’s supporters, the tension has returned to high levels on Capitol Hill, isolated due to an “external security threat”. A man behind the wheel of a car threw himself into the safety barriers on the north side, near the Senate parking lot; got out of the car with a machete-like knife in his hand, He threw himself on two Capitol Police officers present, mortally wounding one.

The policemen ordered him to stop and then opened fire, killing him. The two officers, who were injured, were transferred to hospital but one of them died, said Yogananda Pittman, interim head of the Capitol Police.

The attacker’s name was Noah Green, was 25 and lived in Indiana. On his Facebook account he said he had recently lost his job and was looking for spiritual guidance. On social media Green, he claimed to be a follower of Nation of Islam.

Followers of the ‘Nation of Islam’ define themselves as members of a “militant Islamic sect”, which brings together elements of traditional Islam and black community nationalism. It was founded in the United States in 1930 by Wallace Fard Muhammad, an American preacher that the descendants of slaves should have embraced the religion of their ancestors, Islam. One of the historical leaders was Malcolm X and the current leader is Louis Farrakhan, 87, controversial because of his speeches full of anti-Semitic and homophobic messages. It is estimated that in the United States the followers of the ‘sect’ can be between 25 and 45 thousand.

The agent who was killed, William ‘Billy’ Evans, was an 18-year veteran.

According to Washington DC Police Chief Robert J Contee III, the incident “does not appear to be linked to terrorism”. but the investigations are ongoing.

US President Joe Biden said he was “heartbroken” by the attack, he expressed his condolences to the policeman’s family and ordered flags at half mast at the White House.

The speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi, also ordered the flags at half mast for the agent’s death.

During times of crisis, those present at Capito Hill were ordered, not many due to the break for the Easter holidays, not to leave the complex: no entry or exit, only allowed to pass from one building to another but staying away from doors and windows.

The National Guard was deployed in support of the Capitol Police; the FBI in place.


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