In South Korea, a new employee was hired at one of the car factories. It is a four-legged security robot. It was created specifically to protect large industries. Writes about this “Rossiyskaya Gazeta”.

The robot has artificial intelligence. It also has a built-in thermal imager and 3D lidar. This allows him to independently move around the enterprise. In doing so, he recognizes people. As a test, the robop was assigned to patrol the plant at night.

The main duty of a robot is to create a safe working environment for people. It is capable of monitoring critical temperature rises and fire risks, detecting open doors, detecting a source of danger, and sending alarms to employees.

The four-legged robot will also be able to move in narrow spaces and examine the “blind spots,” inaccessible to humans.

They control it remotely. And all movements can be tracked through an encrypted web page.

If the test operation is successful, automakers will consider using the robot in other industrial facilities.


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