Automotive industry of the new five-year plan – Vedomosti

Automotive industry of the new five-year plan – Vedomosti

By 2022, the Russian automotive industry has approached without having had time to fully recover from the consequences of the coronavirus. Sales of new passenger cars and commercial vehicles, although they grew by 4% (1.67 million) last year compared to 2020, were still below the pre-pandemic values ​​of 2019. Then 1.76 million cars were sold, follows from the data Association of European Businesses (AEB).

The sanctions factor after the start of the SVO hit hard on two industries where localization was and remains relatively low, and the social significance, on the contrary, is extremely high. This is aviation and the automotive industry. But if in the first case the government allowed the carriers to give a damn about the demands of foreign aircraft owners, then it was impossible to do the same in the event of the departure of a foreign automaker: many thousands of teams remained behind it.


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