Available for rent: The original structure of “Forget me at home”

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Christian Christmas is right on your doorstep and Christians around the world will celebrate it in the most authentic way – and what’s more fun than Christmas movies? One of the films most associated with the holiday is “Forget Me At Home” (Home Alone), which in light of its huge success received five more sequels. These days, the apartment rental company Airbnb has announced the opening of the doors of the iconic house from the movie, and you too can be a guest there.

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The exact same house, located in the Chicago area of ​​the US, the one that saw the young McCauley Kulkin beat Joe Peshi and Daniel Stern, will be available for only one night on December 12th and will cost a total of $ 25. The original house is still decorated inside and out just like in the movie Since 1990, when the permanent statue stands on the lawn outside, the dining room and paint cans dangling from the stairs. Even the tarantula that scared the burglars will be there – “because it’s not Christmas without a spider.”

The bedroom in the McAllister family home (Photo: Reuters)
Paint cans dangle over the stairs (Photo: Reuters)Paint cans dangle over the stairs (Photo: Reuters)

Perhaps the most surprising part of the whole special event is actually the host of the house – Buzz McLeister, who plays Kevin’s older brother in the film. So what’s the catch? Only four people from all over the world will be able to stay at home and spend an entire night there that uniquely recreates the plot of the film.


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