Avi Maoz: in favor of psychological treatments for those with opposite tendencies

The chairman of the Noam party, Knesset member Avi Maoz, was a guest on “Meet the Press” this evening (Saturday) and said that he hopes that Netanyahu’s 6th government will be formed this week, despite the fact that he has not received a position yet. “We need to form a government as soon as possible and I hope that we will That in the coming week,” he said. “I haven’t closed the position yet.”

Maoz also said: “I demand that the public systems of the State of Israel be run according to government policy and not according to agendas foreign to the Jewish state… The Ministry of Education has 3,400 curricula, 3,000 of which were written by private associations, foreign foundations and foreign countries Our Ministry of Education operates according to a foreign agenda that is foreign to the Jewish state. When we establish the government, everyone can relax – we will take care of the Jewish identity of the state.”

In an interview, Chairman Noam stated that he opposes conversion therapy, but does support the provision of psychological treatments to “those with opposite tendencies: “I did not demand the cancellation of the pride parades. I also announced that I oppose conversion therapy.
When the Minister of Health Nitzan Horowitz comes with the help of the former God and forbids psychological counseling for my friends who have the opposite tendencies and want to start a family. I care about the rights of most students. Every student who is an exception needs treatment – but not to dominate this agenda of the minority. Secular parents from Tel Aviv turn to me and tell me “save us because the Ministry of Education’s agenda is being hidden from us.”

“I want to establish an authority that will take care of the promotion of the Jewish identity of the state and take care of blocking the radical progressive organizations from entering the army, the Ministry of Education, the police,” he added, and later referred to his opposition to the integration of women into the army: “The Yeholam unit in the army should be abolished immediately because it introduces values ​​that are Foreigners to the IDF”.


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