Aviv Alush shares about saving the Nida: “This is a start-up”

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Leading actor and singer Aviv Alush was interviewed last weekend for News 12. In an interview, the star shared the balance between a acting career and participation in the Israeli entertainment industry and his response process and aspiration for spirituality. At first Alush shared the importance he sees in keeping the soul alive in the entertainment industry: ‘I do not want to live like this. I want to survive this life and my career sane and pleasant, when no one is threatening me and I am not threatening anyone. Not a director, not a band or a production company or anyone. There’s one I’m dependent on, and he’s sitting up there and that’s it. ‘

“I refuse a lot of money”

Alush shared about keeping his and his wife’s nida. “This is a start-up! It keeps the passion between spouses, two weeks, produces longing. Produces distance to get closer.” In the context of immodest scenes he has participated in in the past, Alush said: “Today is it, the story is over. “I refuse a lot of material because it does not belong to me. I do not want to, I want to do something I believe in.”

The actor emotionally described the prayer and his connection to the Lord of the Worlds’ When I come to solitude, it’s a net in prayer I get out like this once every two days to come here, I had some strong solitude here. It is better than any psychologist, I talk to the Creator, talk to him literally. Talk to him out loud. I can suddenly cry, and a second later I can dance here and scream the worlds. ‘

‘Finally you realize that my work as an actor, after all, is the means to the most important thing that is the human psyche. This truth that I walk in and it does me good, I want to share it with everyone. It’s everyone’s like it’s mine. ‘ Alush concluded the interview.

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This week saw the release of his new song “There Are Days”, in which he summarizes the process he went through and the attempt to balance the sacred with the profane.

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