Aviv Kochavi: “We will work for the immediate dismissal of the officer who secretly documented female soldiers”

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The Chief of the General Staff, Major General Aviv Kochavi, today (Thursday) issued a letter to IDF soldiers on the occasion of the International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women. Sex and invasion of privacy.

“Today marks the day of the international struggle against violence against women, a day that calls on every person, every citizen, to stop his daily routine and return to the basics and values, and at their center – the value of human dignity and freedom. This is a principle on which the State of Israel . “The IDF is the people’s army, which works for the people and receives at its gates people from all parts of the nation. Human quality, women and men alike, is the source of our power, and man, his dignity is the driving force of the IDF.”

Kochavi said that IDF soldiers have a duty to protect the dignity of women in the IDF, and said that the army will work to oust Lt. Col. Sharoni. as one. It was recently discovered that an officer with the rank of lieutenant colonel had secretly documented female soldiers and maids over the years. This is an improper and serious conduct that we condemn and condemn, and therefore, in parallel with the criminal proceedings and the execution of the sentence with it, we will work for its immediate dismissal. “

“The principle we have established is ‘zero tolerance’ and we will act in the face of any deviation. It is our duty to create an environment that respects all female and male servicemen in the IDF. “An environment that behaves in a country way, maintains privacy, takes personal needs into account and creates security and a sense of security by the members, the commanders and, first and foremost, by the commanders.”

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Finally, he said that the IDF must actively engage in the issue, “teach and educate, conduct enforcement and control processes, encourage reporting of any incident without exception and deal vigorously and decisively with any deviation. Each of us can and must contribute to advancing the issue and creating a culture of respect towards every person wherever he is. This is the clearest, most basic and most practical expression of ‘dear person’ “.

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