AvtoVAZ returned to a full working week

All AvtoVAZ enterprises, including subsidiaries, switched to a five-day working week from today. At the same time, a six-day working week with a rolling day off will operate at the car assembly complex in Togliatti, the press service of the Russian automaker reported.

“Today we have switched to a full-fledged five-day work schedule, and the car assembly complex in Togliatti will work 6 days a week with a sliding day off. These measures are necessary to meet the demand for new LADA cars, which has grown significantly thanks to the concessional lending program introduced by the Russian Ministry of Industry and Trade,” said Maxim Sokolov, President of the company. He also noted that in autumn the company will open additional recruitment for assembly lines in Togliatti.

Now cars of the Granta, Niva Legend and Niva Travel families are produced in Togliatti. In early August, the production of Vesta was also transferred from Izhevsk to the plant in Tolyatti, where it will begin to be produced next spring. The production of new e-Largus will begin at the plant in Izhevsk, and spare parts for Lada Vesta will also continue.

Against the backdrop of sanctions after the start of a special military operation in Ukraine, AvtoVAZ had difficulties with imported spare parts, as a result of which the company’s plants went into idle time several times. Production resumed only in June. In summer, the plant began production of simplified off-road station wagons Lada Granta Cross Classic, sports sedan Lada Granta Drive Active and SUV Lada Niva Legend.

Earlier, AvtoVAZ announced plans to launch the production of cars with anti-lock braking system (ABS) from 2023. According to Sokolov, the next option, which will also be returned to the car, will be the ESP lateral stability system, which stabilizes the vehicle during sharp turns and slopes, not allowing him to go into a skid.

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