AvtoVAZ will again increase prices for Lada from October 18 by an average of 1.5%

AvtoVAZ’s plans to raise the recommended retail prices from October 18 were told by the brand’s car dealers polled by Vedomosti. At the same time, Lada cars will begin to be equipped with a mandatory road kit, which will add another 2,400 rubles to the price.

The rise in price will average 1.5% across the entire model range, Alexey Podschekoldin, Chairman of the Board of Directors of BN Motors, told Vedomosti. “The shortage of cars is about 30%, in such a situation the market will swallow a greater rise in prices. For every 10 buyers, there are only seven proposals for delivery, and even then in a few months, ”the newspaper’s interlocutor outlined the situation. According to him, AvtoVAZ raises prices in modest steps, which, along with the addition of a road kit, albeit at a cost of about 500 rubles, makes raising prices more ethical.



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