Axios: a group of democrats objected to the appointment of a native of the USSR to the post of financial controller of the United States

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Five senators from the Democratic Party notified the head of the Senate Banking Committee that they would not approve the candidacy of Saula Omarova, a native of the Kazakh SSR, for the post of head of the US Treasury Department, Axios reported, citing its own information. According to her, they also reported this to the White House, which nominated Mrs. Omarova. Now Democrats and Republicans hold an equal number of seats in the US Senate, and Republicans are opposed to the appointment.

The White House continues to support Ms Omarova’s candidacy, a White House spokesman told Axios. “Saule Omarova fits this position to the highest degree. She has been treated unfairly since her nomination, and the Republicans are engaged in an unacceptable “hunt for reds” like under McCarthy (Senator from the Republican Party of 1947-1957 Joseph McCarthy, known for massive accusations of his rivals of sympathy for the USSR. – “B”)”,- he said.

Saule Omarova is a professor at Cornell University, she has lived in the United States since 1991. During last week’s Senate hearings, Republicans criticized her ties to the Soviet past. In particular, they linked her Ph.D. thesis with the analysis of the work of Karl Marx and her recent economic works, and also asked if she was officially discharged from the Komsomol. Earlier, Ms. Omarova, in the course of scientific discussions, expressed the idea of ​​providing consumer loans directly from the Federal Reserve System.


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