Baakiyalakshmi Serial | Bigg Boss Aseem in Pakyalakshmi serial, viral photo

Similar to movies, serials have started attracting many people. In that way, Pakyalakshmi is one of the serials that are currently running briskly on Vijay TV. It can be said that not only housewives but also many male sons are addicted to this nightly serial. Gobi has as many male fans as Bakiya and Ezil have.

According to this, Bhakyalakshmi, a serial that encourages women, is currently getting a divorce between Pakiya and Gopi. Gopi then marries Radhika as he wished. Because of this Gobi’s entire family is angry with Gobi.

Then Iniya goes to Gopi’s house after fighting with her uncle in the house. Gobi’s father also stays there. There they make Radhika sing and the serial goes on like this.


In this case, in the episode released today in Pakyalakshmi serial, Eshwari swears that she should be friends with Amrita and not do it as love or marriage. He earns even for this. While the serial is going on like this, in today’s episode Patty, Jeni, Selvi and Eshil are sitting in the hall watching TV.

It features scenes of Aseem playing Bigg Boss at that time. It also features his ex-girlfriend Shivani. This video alone photo is going viral on the internet.

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