Baby sitter bonus and parental leave: who they are entitled to and how to request them

Baby sitter bonus and parental leave, two measures necessary for thousands of Italian families who return to experience “the nightmare in the red zone”. Between closed schools, more and more dads and smartworking, the Government is preparing to launch a new package of special measures to support families in difficulty, through the renewal of the bonus baby sitter, parental leave and smartworking. Let’s see in detail the measures included in decree law n.30 of 2021 and in particular to whom they are entitled baby sitter bonus and parental leave and how to apply for them.

Baby sitter bonus, who is it and how to request it

The babysitter bonus consists of aid that the State grants to families up to a maximum limit of one hundred euros per week. This is a measure aimed at all self-employed workers, health workers, doctors and law enforcement agencies, who have cohabiting children under the age of fourteen. The baby sitter bonus, provided through the family booklet, can be used in various places and activities: from summer centers to supplementary services for children, from local socio-educational services to recreational centers. It can also be requested by workers who are not registered with INPS, but with other pension funds. Finally, the parent who benefits from the bonus baby sitter he cannot also access the other Covid bonuses, such as asylum and parental leave bonuses.

Parental leave, who is entitled to and how to apply for it

Parental leave is also part of the extraordinary Covid measures, implemented by the Government with the new Law Decree 2021. It is an extraordinary allowance equal to 50% of the salary in favor of parents who have children under the age of four or with disabilities. serious. While, those who have children aged between 14 and 16, can abstain from work with a prohibition of dismissal. The application questions for both the bonus baby sitter than for the parental leave can be done through the official website of INPS, which will verify them following the chronological order.


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