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Nikita Rukavitsa (Omari Stein)

Maccabi Haifa is gearing up regarding the preparations for the return match on Tuesday against Apollon Limassol, when the team has a promising advantage of four goals from the first match at Sami Ofer. For this reason and in order not to take unnecessary risks, whether it is due to the accumulation of yellows or whether it is to reduce the load on the senior players who usually start in the lineup, Barak Bacher will perform as large a rotation as possible.

The coach wants to allow the bench players to play, and all this without compromising the level of play that the team will strive to present in the return game as well. Among the players who are expected to be rested are Bogdan Palanich, Pierre Corono, Ali Muhammad, Chiron Sherry, Dolev Haziza and Franzi Piero. In such a situation, Bakr has quite a few good replacements, including San Menachem, Muhammad Abu Fani, Maor Levy, Omar Atzili and Nikita Rukavica.

One of the players who recently returned to practice after a long injury is striker Ben Shaher. For the time being, it seems that the latter will have a hard time getting playing minutes this year, and Piero, Dean David and Rukavica will probably be preferred over him. In such a situation, the decision whether to stay in the team in such a format will be in the hands of Shaher, who is highly regarded in the dressing room.

Ben Shaher (Omari Stein)Ben Shaher (Omari Stein)

Another player in the front who returned to practice with the team this year and currently remains in the squad is the young Nahorai Yafarah, who will also have difficulty getting playing minutes. Yafarah is being courted by quite a few teams in the Premier League and in the national league, but is in no hurry to leave, at least not until January, knowing that by then there will be quite a few games in all the frameworks and there is a possibility that he will be combined.

Another player who is currently far from being in the rotation and continues to train is defender Uri Dahan, who was purchased for $600,000 from Kiryat Shmona and is having trouble getting playing minutes. The fact that Maccabi Haifa intends to add another and more senior stopper than Oferi Arad, Rami Gershon and Dahan, may lead Dahan to recalculate his course and possibly ask to leave in order to get playing minutes. The greens in such a situation will not stand in the way of the brake.

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