Back to Cilento Poetry by Menotti Lerro: Magrelli-Rossi win the seventh edition

Menotti Lerro with Dacia Maraini and the mayor of Salento Gabriele De Marco

We will also talk about Empathism, the new literary-artistic-philosophical and cultural movement of the contemporary world, based on the “New Manifesto on the Arts” written by Menotti Lerro and Antonello Pelliccia in 2019

Valerio Magrelli e Tiziano Rossi won the seventh edition of the National Award “Cilento Poetry”Edited by the poet, writer, playwright and university professor Menotti Line.

Cilento Poetry

I two authoritative poets thus become part of the prestigious roll of honor which in the past has written names such as Davide Rondoni, Milo De Angelis, Roberto Carifi, Franco Loi, Vivian Lamarque, Giampiero Neri, Elio Pecora and Dacia Marainias well as critics Remo Bodei, Francesco D’Episcopo and Umberto Curi for the section dedicated to them.

The award ceremony will be heldas usual, in the mythical night of San Lorenzo, August 10that 21.00, at the Municipio square of Salento Cilento – “Country of Poetry” and summit, together with Omignano – “Country of Aphorisms” and Vallo della Lucania – “Seat of the Contemporary Arts Center”, of the new Literary-artistic-philosophical and cultural movement known as the Empathic School / Empathism, born in Italy in 2020 with its epicenter in Cilento.

During the evening, which includes the usual intense debate on the poetry of the awarded authors and the magical moment of the affixing of the fine ceramic tile containing a poem of the winners, the Movement will be presented, starting from the Cultural Pyramid of Cilento designed by Menotti Lerro.

Presents the well-known conductor Peppe Iannicelli. Among the guests, Dr. Luigi Leuzzi (Master of Empathic School) which will outline themes and motifs of the new cultural current and the singer Santino Scarpa (Gulliver). The evening will also be enlivened by musical interventions by the Duo Mogrovejo-Molinaro and by the Suor Nivea Choir.

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