Back to sources: The reasons for returning Alves to Barcelona

Just four days after it was presented, Xavi’s influence on what is happening in Barcelona is already being felt. In fact, the first step in the hope of reviving the Catalan club has already been made, with the new coach quite the Blaugrana bringing back his friend and one who was so identified with the team in the past, Danny Alves. Now, the “Marca” and “Sports” have analyzed the reasons for the return of the Brazilian defender.

Strengthening the identity of the club
The fact that Alves is such a significant player and identified with the team in the previous term has important weight, as Barcelona is in a period of difficult generations. “One of the significant things about Alves’ arrival is that he brings an identity to the pitch,” they wrote.

“Xavi will give him a significant role on the pitch but one no less significant in the locker room,” they analyzed in the Catalan ‘Sport’, And continues to compete at the highest levels. “

“This is the paradigm of Barcelona: Alves is a veteran who is admired by all his teammates. He will bring experience, aspirations to win and leadership as he stands alongside a very young bunch who have suffered trauma and severe losses in recent years in Europe.”

Early acquaintance
There is no doubt that the personal relationship between the two also had a big impact. “Xavi knows him well and he knows he can contribute to the team, so he just did not care that he would turn 39 this summer,” they wrote in Spain, “His excellent relationship with Xavi Will have a big impact on his contribution to the team. ” However, we also noted that there is no doubt that Alves’ physical condition is not reminiscent of what it was in 2008, when he started his career at Barcelona.

Improving the right wing
In the “Marca” they continued to analyze and marked the right wing as one of the weak points of Barcelona. “Serginio Dest is a good footballer but he still needs to develop. In addition, in some cases the American will even play on the wing, Alves will be there to replace him as a defender,” he wrote. The Brazilian will have a leading role in the rotation of Barcelona. “

At the same time, in Spain it is reported that the coach wants our new player to join the team training as soon as possible, in the hope that he will be able to give an immediate impact on the team thanks to his character and experience. Following this, at the moment it seems that Alves will undergo the medical tests already on Monday morning, when at 18:00 Spanish time he is already supposed to take part in his first training since the exciting rehearsal.



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