Bad news! Dr. Teera stated that omicron species BA.2.75.2 and BQ.1.1 will come rampant in a new round.

Doctor Thira tells the bad news. According to the World Health Organization, the omicron species BA.2.75.2 and BQ.1.1 will come on a new rampage! Both states are capable of 6 times better than BA.5.

29 Sept. 2022 – Assoc. Prof. Dr. Teera Woratanarat, Faculty of Medicine Chulalongkorn University Post on Facebook about the situation of COVID-19 on 29 September 2022 that yesterday, 312,508 people around the world were infected with 768 more deaths, a total of 621,525,192 people infected with 6,544,351 deaths. The top 5 people with the highest infections are France, Taiwan, Russia, Italy and South Korea.

Yesterday, the number of new infections had countries from Europe and Asia occupy nine of the top 10 and 18 of the world’s top 20. The number of new infections every day in the world now. from Asia and Europe together accounted for 92.41 percent of the world’s population, while the number of deaths accounted for 69.4 percent.

…The epidemic situation in Thailand, from Worldometer data this morning, found that the number of deaths yesterday 16th highest in the world and 6th in Asia, although the Thai Ministry of Health has adjusted the reporting system from 1 May until the reported number is greatly reduced.

…Update the virus strain that has spread The World Health Organization released the WHO Weekly Epidemiological Update last night, September 28, 2022. Over the past week, Omicron accounted for 99.9% of the outbreak, while the most prevalent Omicron subspecies was BA.5, 81.2%, while BA.4 (including BA.4.6) 8.1% and BA.2 (including BA.2.75) 2.9%

…BA.2.75.2 and BQ.1.1 are the strains that could cause the next ripple. The global scientific journal Science has published an article highlighting the next wave of outbreak surveillance and prevention.

Academic evidence from research from Karolinska Institute in Sweden and from Peking University. point out that Both strains were 6 times more potent in immune evasion than BA.5.

It was also found that these mutant subspecies also bind well to cell surface receptors. make it easier to infect moreover also found that after infection This virus is able to induce the production of abnormal antibodies. that although it can catch the virus But it does not impair the ability of the virus to infect other cells.

with all three properties Therefore, there is a chance to cause a pandemic in the future. If not protected

…wearing a mask correctly and consistently It is the key to greatly reducing the risk. during daily life

…Long COVID is the impact that will happen. and affect the quality of life living and working competence It is also a long-term cost burden to the patient, family and society. Not being infected is the best. whether it’s the first time or repeated because the risk will increase as a shadow

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