Bahrain to introduce new system for electricity and water bills

Bahrain to introduce new system for electricity and water bills

Bahrain: Preparations to implement a new billing system for electricity and water consumers in Bahrain have been completed. The new billing method introduced by the Electricity and Water Authority will be implemented from the beginning of February.

The aim is to make electricity and water usage bills more transparent and accurate by implementing a fully digital public billing system. A new customer service system and a more accurate billing system will be introduced. This reform is part of the Authority’s efforts to further improve its services. The authorities informed that the new billing system will be implemented using modern technology and the bills will be prepared in a manner that gives more clarity to the customers.

More than a thousand employees have been given comprehensive training to implement the new system. Equipment and other facilities have been prepared to implement the reform. Consumers’ complaints about the bills have come from many quarters. Based on this, steps have been taken including removing the company that has been entrusted with the billing system. The Electricity and Water Authority informed that a digital reader will be installed and a system to know the reading remotely will be introduced.


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