‘Bala sir helped me when I was in bed’; Molly Kannamali came in person to express her gratitude, video

mActor Bala is the favorite star of Laiyalis. The actor, who has shone as a hero, villain and supporting actor, has already presented many characters to the audience. News related to children often grab the attention of social media. Especially the actor’s good deeds. Now one such video has caught the attention of the audience. The video is about actress Molly Kannamali.

Molly Kannamali, who was recently suffering from pneumonia, was admitted to a private hospital in Kochi. Molly was admitted to the hospital after her fever and shortness of breath worsened. Many people came to the scene with a request for help for the financially troubled family. Actor Bala is one of the people who helped Molly on this occasion. The video shows Molly coming back to life after recovering from her illness and coming to meet Bala. Bala shared the video and wrote that he saw the miracle of God.

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“This is not planned. This is not a planned shoot. This is Chala Meri. She did a good comedy in the movie Amar Akbar Anthony. Mary Chechi came till death. But something made me feel that Chechi will come back. Chechi came back. That is the greatest luck. God’s grace. “Grace. My sister came back with everyone’s love and prayers. Now she is sitting next to me. When I saw her, she was in the hospital bed. We all don’t know who our father and mother are when we are born. But when we die, we can know who will be with us,” Bala says in the video.

Bala also hands over a check of small amount for treatment etc. Handing over the cheque, Bala said, “I am giving this for hospital expenses and other expenses. An artist is always a big event. Even if they die, they live on in people.” Molly Kannamali also talks about the goodness of Bala.

Words by Molly Kannamali

I have no other wishes. I am the one who has come back from seeing death directly. Still my children are suffering a lot for my treatment. We are fishermen. Now we have come to Bala sir… When I had the first attack, I had pledged four lakh rupees with my pattayam. I was unable to repay when the work was reduced during the Corona outbreak. Now I’m in foreclosure. On the 13th day, about six lakh rupees should be paid. I have no idea. I have come to tell Bala sir about that. When I was in bed my son came running and Bala sir helped me. Today, after coming out of the hospital, the first person I came to see was Bala sir. Bala and I want to act in a Malayalam movie together.

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