Banca Ifis donates furniture from the former Milan offices to 12 non-profit organizations

Banca Ifis chooses Banco Building, the ‘bank of things’, to donate over five hundred furnishings, furniture and office machinery to 12 different bodies and foundations committed to supporting the most vulnerable groups of the population, promoting development projects in the educational, health and social fields, in Italy and abroad.

The donation will make it possible to give a second and new social life to the furnishings of the former Banca Ifis offices located in thebuilding in Corso Venezia. All the discarded material, in view of the transfer to the new Milan office in via Borghetto, will therefore be recovered and reinserted in new contexts.

“With this donation we want to make our contribution to all the volunteers who work every day to support the weakest social categories, today even more severely affected by the pandemic situation – he comments Alberto Staccione, general manager of Banca Ifis – Corporate social responsibility characterizes our way of operating: a choice that is made through concrete initiatives in the area in the full conviction that sustainability is a lever for creating value for society, people and the environment “.

“We receive continuous requests for materials, our strength is to create contact and build bridges. Thanks to a network of volunteers we manage the solidarity chain of recovery, guaranteeing permanent and continuous traceability of the destination and use of the donated products. the idea behind it is simple – he explains Silvio Pasero, president of Banco Building – apply the method ‘invented’ by the Food Bank to any non-perishable good, recovering from the companies the production surpluses, the unsold items and in general everything that could still be used to donate it for free to those who need it most“.

Well rooted in the entire Lombard territory, from the Milanese hinterland to the provinces of Monza-Brianza, Varese, Lecco and Brescia, the 12 non-profit organizations deal with assistance to the disabled and families in difficulty, addiction treatment, services for the elderly and young people, care for minors and women victims of violence. The donation of the furnishings (desks, wardrobes, chairs, meeting tables, dressers, machines and office accessories) will support a variety of Italian and international social projects. The paper shredders, for example, will be sent to Ethiopia where the Friends of Adwa Association will use them to produce paper confetti to be used as a component in the production of building materials for use by local communities.

In Italy, wardrobes and shelving will contribute to the furnishing of a new multifunctional center at the Sesto San Giovanni Sorgente di Vita Association which, in addition to offices and classrooms, will also have a ‘solidarity emporium’ inside to allow disadvantaged families to do the shopping for free, choosing the products independently; chairs and desks will constitute the furnishings of new classrooms for the reintegration into the world of work of fragile subjects or will make it possible to equip common areas and laboratories, as in the case of Piccolo Cottolengo di Don Orione (Seregno, MB) which provides complete assistance to the elderly and disabled.


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