Bancarella Award to Ema Stokholma with her (painful) autobiography-


“For my sake” (HarperCollins) wins with 140 votes. Followed by Marino Bartoletti (Gallucci) with 93, Marina Marazza (Solferino) and Livia Sambrotta (Sem) with 79

The Bancarella 2021 Award of Pontremoli (Massa-Carrara) went to Ema Stokholma, author of For my sake, published by HarperCollins, which garnered 140 votes from independent booksellers. In second place was placed with 93 votes Marino Bartoletti with The Supper of the Gods (Gallucci publisher); to the third with 79 votes an equal merit between Marina Marazza with I am the witch (Solferino) and Livia Sambrotta with Don’t save me (Sem). The other two books included in the final sixth of this edition were: Art is liberation by Andrea Bigalli and Tomaso Montanari, (Edizioni Gruppo Abele) which obtained 65 votes e The ballad of the eternal city by Luca Di Fulvio (Rizzoli) with 51 votes.

By Ema Stokholma, In «7», Elisabetta Rosaspina wrote: “The first punch at four. Indelible like any imprinting. The last slap at 15 and a half. Perhaps the least painful, at least in memory, because it had the merit of triggering the spring towards escape and liberation. Ema, before becoming Ema, the model, then the deejay and the successful radio and television presenter, was an abused child. Fiercely mistreated. Those eleven years of sadistic maternal punishment are described with the apparent detachment of a chronicler – few adjectives and many details – in the first 131 pages of her autobiography, For my good (HarperCollins). Where, she assures you, there is nothing exaggerated or fictional ».

In his book Marino Bartoletti (second) tells the story of a great old man, who in the course of his life had met so many people, including powerful men, stars and artists and many would have gladly seen them again. So he drew up a small list and begged his assistant to search them all for The Supper of the Gods.

Marina Marazza (third), after the great success of The shadow of Catherine, has signed a new historical novel, with a female protagonist who does not forget. The plot: on March 4, 1617, a woman guilty of witchcraft, Caterina da Broni, was burned at the Vetra in Milan, after a scandal-trial that thrilled the whole city. The accusation is that of having “rented” the illustrious senator Luigi Melzi, the elderly nobleman he serves. Compared to many other cases, however, there is a difference: Caterina is really convinced that she is a witch …

Don’t save me by Livia Sambrotta is a thriller, the story of Deva Wood, a twenty-three-year-old Italian-American girl, mysteriously disappears immediately after checking in for a flight to Italy. Addicted to psychiatric drugs since adolescence, Deva is on the run from a rehabilitation center that looks after the young children of movie stars

“An exciting edition with first-rate interpreters, a moved Ema Stokholma who gives credit to a great job of selection and organization of the award. We will meet again in 2022 when we celebrate the 70th anniversary of this wonderful award », this is the warm comment of Ignazio Landi, President of the Città del Libro Foundation.

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