Banco Santander México launches its first edition of technology scholarships for 2023

Banco Santander México launches its first edition of technology scholarships for 2023

Banco Santander México has launched its first edition of technology scholarships this year. Specifically, the Banco Santander subsidiary in the Aztec country offers a total of 440 scholarships to promote employability in areas related to programming and virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) technologies.

Of that number, 240 scholarships are aimed at teacher training, and 200 at female students and graduates, with the aim of training them in digital skills that increase their employment opportunities.

The Santander Technology Scholarship program | CENTRO Immersive XR Bootcamp for teachers is an initiative of the Mexican subsidiary of Banco Santander y Centro, a higher education institution dedicated to the professionalization of creativity. The purpose of this initiative is focused on creating a network of professionals who are experts in virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) technologies, who apply immersive learning through multisensory experiences.

The Banco Santander México scholarships include a 20-hour hybrid program, divided into 14 face-to-face hours, 10 class hours and 4 hours of experience, at no cost to the beneficiaries.

To participate in this scholarship program, it is necessary to have a valid employee credential from a higher institution, and register at this link until April 5.

The beneficiaries will be selected by the Santander Universities and Center Scholarship Allocation work table, and will receive a notification from the website

Regarding the 200 Santander Technology Scholarships | Frontend by TecnoLochicas Pro, constitute an initiative of Grupo Santander, Fundación Televisa, and Microsoft, with the intention of providing university students with digital and employability skills through teaching programming (html, css, github, javascript) and other knowledge technological.

It is a 100% online program, with 80 hours, aimed specifically at women in upper secondary education and university students, from 17 to 21 years old, and who are developing undergraduate studies. Those interested can register at this link until April 16, and those selected will receive a notification via email.

The beneficiaries of these scholarships must have a valid official identification, RFC, and in case of being a student, the registration number or equivalent is necessary, and take the course “Introduction to Digital Skills” on the site http://santander.

During the past year, Banco Santander México launched a total of 53,915 scholarships aimed at technological issues, especially digital skills, innovation, data science and digital careers.


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