Bank employees cheated; Five people were arrested in Sharjah Five people were arrested in Sharjah on cheating case

Sharjah: A group of people who stole money from their accounts by calling on the phone pretending to be bank employees were arrested. The five-member gang was caught by the CID section of Sharjah Police.

They called the victims asking them to update their account, otherwise their account will be frozen and to provide information. The phone call came from a bank employee. The money was stolen from the account of those who gave the information without knowing that it was a fraud. The accused were caught in the operation conducted after the people who lost the money approached the police.

The CID team found the flat where the fraudsters were staying and searched the flat and arrested them. The mobile phone, computer, SIM cards etc. used by them for fraud were recovered. Those arrested were handed over to public prosecution.

The police warned the public to be careful not to fall for such scams and not to hand over bank details or personal information to whoever calls. The police informed that those who update their bank details should go directly to the bank and give the information


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