Bank of Israel upgraded service center technology and telephony system with Mitvach and AVAYA systems

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Mitvach has completed a comprehensive project to upgrade the Bank of Israel’s telephony systems to the new generation of telephony IP Using the communication solutions of Avaya. This is a telephony system that includes about 1000 endpoints and five service centers at the Bank’s various sites.

As part of the project, the telephony system that operated at the bank for more than 10 years was upgraded to a PBX Avaya CM (Communication
Advanced, enabling protocol work SIP, System of service centers Elite With advanced call routing capabilities, a home reporting system has also been installed Avaya Enabling call center managers to manage, control and monitor the five service centers in real time.

As part of the project, the systems were copied so that they would operate on the new infrastructure in the Data Center in the renovated building of the Bank of Israel, an infrastructure that includes a new virtual server environment and a high-speed communication network of 1GB. The change in infrastructure required adjustments to the telephony management system and technology-based telephones. IPT Fast and advanced. The project lasted several months with the involvement of a large number of professional teams from the bank and Mitvach.

Lior cSergei, Director of Information Systems at the Bank of Israel, noted at the event to mark the end of the project:. Due to the integration required for the various bank systems, The project involved the experts of Mitvach and Avaya A large number of professional teams on behalf of the bank, including infrastructure experts, information security, Communication, virtualization and more.

Ofir Bar-Orin, director of the communications division at Mitvach, noted that the telephony system before upgrading operated at the bank for more than 10 Years. As part of the upgrade, all the telephony systems in the bank were replaced In the most advanced technology currently offered by Avaya. We are proud of the reliability of the system, Which has proven itself for many years in the Bank of Israel as well as in our abilities to enable the Bank to upgrade to advanced system assemblies while maintaining investment.

Rafi Shkolnik, CEO of Avia Israel, Thank you to everyone who helped complete the project successfully. The modern technological capabilities provided by the systems of Avaya “Together with the integration capabilities of Mitvach and the bank’s excellent technical staff, they are the factors that enabled the project to be completed successfully.”

In the photo – from the right: Ofir Bar-Orin – Mitvach, Lior Georgi – Bank of Israel, Eyal Zafrani – Bank of Israel, Yitzhak Hoddad – Mitvach, Shai Atiyah – Mitvach, Aviv Barzel – Project Manager on behalf of the Bank of Israel

In the photo at the top of the page – from right: Ofir Bar-Orin – Director of the Communications Division at Mitvach, Lior Georgi, VP of Information Systems at the Bank of Israel and Rafi Shkolnik – CEO of Avia Israel.

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