Trading Review: Ongoing Reports, Trends, Indices, Stocks, Bonds, Forex and Commodities and Analyst Recommendations


New York recovery: Wall Street trading closed after a positive day. NASDAQ Increased by 1.4%, S&P 500 Added 1.8% to its value andThe Dow Jones Jumped by almost 2%.


The crypto market: The Bitcoin currency loses about 1.7% of its value and is traded at a price of $ 29,000 per currency. This is after the price of the currency crossed the $ 30,000 per unit threshold earlier today.
At the same time, the etherium currency is falling below two thousand dollars per currency.
This is according to the coinmarketcap data.


Green Trend: Stock Dark Increases by 3.6%, Coca-Cola Jumps up 3.2%, stock value Microsoft Jumps 3.1%, and shares Disney Adds 3.33%.

Contrary to the general trend bNASDAQ Stock Amazon Continues to lose height and decreases by about 0.5%.


Positive trend on Wall Street: The three leading indices maintain a positive direction. GodNASDAQ Jumps by 1.1%, Dow Jones Increases by almost 2%, and the500 S&P Adds 1.6% to its value, having touched the bear market last weekend.

Bank shares in a positive trend, JP Morgan Registers a significant increase of about 7% after the bank announces that it expects to reach its return target earlier than expected. Citibank shares are up 7.2% and shares are up Wells Fargo On a positive trend of 5.7%.


Trading in Europe closed with gains: the DAX rose 1.4%, Potsey rose 1.7% and Kak added 1.2%.

Deutsche Bank Jumped 6.5%, Vodafone Added 4.1% andCredit Agricole Increased by 2.8%.

Meanwhile, gains in New York are strengthening: the Dow Jones is up 2.2%, the S&P 500 is up 1.8% and the Nasdaq is up 1.3%.


Trading in the United States continues to rise: the Dow Jones is up 1.9%, the S&P 500 is up 1.5% and the Nasdaq is up 0.8%.

Dark Strengthens by 2.8%, Autodesk Weakened by 6.5% andIntel Adds 0.8%.

Increases in crypto as well: Bitcoin has risen 1.6% in the last day and now the value of one currency stands at about $ 30,400. Atherium has strengthened by 2.7% in the last day and now the value of one currency stands at $ 2,072.


Positive opening on Wall Street, Dow Jones is up 0.88%, S&P 500 is up 07% and NASDAQ is up 0.3%.


Trading in futures contracts on US stock indices is now up by 1.2%. The trend is also positive in Europe.

In early trading, gains are recorded Dark Anvidia, Amazon andTesla .

Gilat , A provider of satellite communications solutions, concluded the first quarter of the year with 18.5% revenue growth, to $ 51.4 million. According to GAAP, the operating loss was reduced by 71% to $ 1 million and the net loss was reduced by 49% to $ 2.5 million. On a non-GAAP basis, the net loss was $ 1.8 million which is 3 cents per share, compared to $ 5.1 million (9 cents per share) in the same quarter last year. Adjusted quarterly EBITDA (profit excluding interest, tax, depreciation and amortization) turned positive, compared to negative in the corresponding quarter, reaching $ 2.5 million. Gilat confirms the annual forecast and continues to expect 14% -23% growth in revenue, to $ 245-265 million, with positive adjusted EBITDA of $ 20-24 million.

Adi Tzafdia, CEO of Gilat, said: “We are pleased with our results, which reflect continued revenue growth and an improvement in EBITDA. Our performance shows that we are able to increase market share, and take advantage of business opportunities in the end markets in which we operate. “Despite challenges such as the global supply chain crisis, we are comfortable with the targets we have set for 2022, and look forward to another year of solid revenue and profit growth.”


Slight rises in European stock markets now. Trading in futures contracts on US stock market indices is up about 0.5% and contracts on oil are up 1% -1.2%.

Bank Leumi economists estimate in a review that contrary to the embodiments in futures contracts that indicate an expectation of a drop in the price of oil later this year, the price of oil is not expected to fall significantly in the near future. “We estimate that this decline will only occur in the longer term, mainly depending on the extent of global supply expansion and the completion of the transition of major countries from Russian sources to more diverse alternative sources. Maintaining high energy prices Industry-oriented and have no independent energy sources. ”


Positive trend in the opening of the trading week in Europe. The Stokes 600 index is climbing by about 1%. Trading in futures contracts on US stock indices is up by 1.6%.

In Tokyo, trading closed with a 1% increase in the Nikkei index.

The American investment bank Jefferies has lowered the target prices for a large number of shares that it surveys in the various software areas, including the dual companies. Audiocodes andLivePerson . The reduction comes against the backdrop of macroeconomic conditions, with Jeffries noting that although the risk is already reflected in prices, there is another potential downside. At Audiocodes the target price was reduced by one dollar to $ 24 and the recommendation remained “strong”, and at LivePerson the price was reduced by $ 5 to $ 18, also at the “hold” recommendation.


Asian stock markets opened World Trade Week in a mixed trend. In Tokyo, the Nikkei is up 0.7%, while in Hong Kong it is down 2%.

Shares of electric vehicle maker Xpeng are down about 9% in Hong Kong ahead of the release of its reports today.

Trading in futures contracts on US stock indices is up by 1.2%.

In the commodity trading arena, there are 0.6% increases in oil contracts. Gold is also climbing at a rate of 0.6% and in the crypto arena, Bitcoin is recording a slight increase to $ 30,200.

The yield on 10-year US government bonds rose by 3 basis points to 2.82% and the dollar weakened by 0.3% -0.4% against the euro and the Japanese yen.

Guy Beit Or, the chief economist of Psagot Investment House, notes in his weekly review that the recent declines in the markets were against the background of “lack of liquidity and expected significant decline in corporate profitability. The issue of liquidity has accompanied us for several months. High inflation is expected to lead to significant monetary tightening. , The energy crisis, the war in Ukraine, or the closures in China. Both consumers and the stock markets. In simple terms, banks and governments have increased the demand side in an unprecedented way during 2020, and together with the impact on the supply side (as mentioned) – there can be only one result and that is Inflation that we have not seen for decades. “

He said, “What is happening in 2022 is central banks trying to take back the effect of the wealth they have fueled in the markets and the real economy since the start of the corona crisis. In the US, by the way, they cut interest rates four times in 2019. Fed and the other central banks have no choice – when there is such inflation, and worrying inflationary dynamics it is no longer possible to put a floor on the markets, but must address the root of the problem that brought inflation to these levels. It is important to understand what is at stake here – a lack of control over inflation sends a big message of uncertainty to investors in both markets and the real economy. At such a level of uncertainty, the allocation of resources in the economy becomes inefficient. “

“Recession is a natural part of the economic cycle and it’s not a word to be alarmed about. In terms of the stock market, even after taking into account the declines since the beginning of the year, the US stock market still averaged 8.2% since the beginning of the corona crisis. “Almost unprecedented returns in the markets, so it is impossible to expect what has been in the markets for the last two or three years to continue. These days, we are entering a different stage in the economic cycle.”

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