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Many serials aired on Vijay TV have been well received by the people. The Bharathi Kannamma serial is one of the top series in the DRP rating in that category. The series has been going on with vigor and many twists and turns since its inception. Also, Arun Prasad plays Bharathi in this series. Roshini Hariprian played Kannamma. It was only recently that Roshini Haripriyan withdrew from the serial due to cinema opportunity.

Also, as soon as Roshini said that she was going to leave the serial, all the fans were expressing their regret that please stop the serial. Vinusha Devi is currently playing the role of Kannamma. Vinusha Devi looks like the original Roshini in print to watch. The serial has been running frantically since the beginning to cast Vinusha as the new Kannamma. Currently there are various twists and turns coming in the serial.

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Meanwhile, Parina, who played the role of Venpaa, is currently not only showing her scenes from the serial as she has given birth to a baby. But, is someone else acting in response to Venpaa’s character? Isn’t it Is not yet known. Arun Prasad, who plays Bharathi in this serial, has now posted a video on his page. It is learned that he has gone to Shimla through that video. In the video Arun is Dance Audi in front of a hotel.

Then he said, after a long time I am myself. He has forgotten Bharti and said that now he is Arun. Not only that but in that video his evil has become scary. In the serial, he acted with a beard and mustache. But, now Arun is with the new badass taking it all in. Netizens who saw all this then Bharathikannamma serial nejamave mudincu pocca? Have been asking that.


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