Barathi Kannamma: Will the Barathi Kannamma serial end soon? Did you notice all this – is barathi kannamma ending soon

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Bharathi Kannamma continues to be at the forefront of serial DRP. He recently quit as Roshni Hariprian as Kannamma. The serial production company had said on Instagram that it was getting good ratings after the arrival of Pudu Kannamma, as his fans had been saying that DRP would go down after that.

In this situation various things are going on so that everyone can ask whether Bharti Kannamma is going to be finished soon.

Bharathi Kannamma is currently staying at Kannamma’s house as a way of giving a shock to all those who were thinking that the two will never live together. And Bharti has come to know the true face of Venpaa who has been deceiving Bharti for so long. Bharathi is upset when he finds out that Venpa saw Anjali being killed.

Seeing all this, the Bharti Kannamma story is moving towards climax, with fans talking on social media that Bharti is the only one left to take a DNA test.

Is the serial going to end? Arun Prasad, who plays Bharathi, has released a video of himself currently touring North India, saying, “I am going to forget Bharathi and be Arun after a long time.”

Netizens are questioning whether Bharati Kannamma is over.


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