Barbados becomes a sovereign republic after liberation from Britain Barbados Declared New Republic Queen Elizabeth Cut Off

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Bridgetown: Barbados gains complete independence from centuries of British rule. On Tuesday, Prince Charles announced the removal of Queen Elizabeth from the post of Head of State in a colorful ceremony. The Caribbean island nation was later declared the newest sovereign republic in the world.

Governor-General Sandra Mason was sworn in as the first President. Sandra has been the governor general of the country since 2018.

The proclamation of the Republic and the swearing in of the President took place on November 30, the 55th anniversary of Britain’s independence. The Royal Standard flag was lowered and changed by the British monarch to mark the official transfer of power.

Prince Charles (Photo courtesy: REUTERS)

Last year, the Barbadian government announced the removal of the British monarch from the post of head of state.

The people of Barbados have welcomed the declaration of a sovereign republic. The government had created an opportunity for the people to celebrate by removing the curfew announced in the country following Kovid 19. In addition to Prince Charles, Barbadian singer Rihanna also attended the ceremony. Prince Charles described the ceremony as a new beginning. He said he would always be a friend of Barbados.

Photo courtesy​: REUTERS

(Photo courtesy: PA MEDIA)


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