Barca rule Europe after spectacular final

Barca rule Europe after spectacular final

2023-06-03 18:26:04

The Spanish FC Barcelona came back from afar, Saturday in Eindhoven, to scratch a second Champions League against the Wolfsburg “Louves” (3-2) after a stunning, spectacular and disputed final in a full stadium and cheerful. Led 2-0 at half-time, the Blaugrana turned the tide in a boosted second half which capsized with happiness the thousands of Catalan supporters who came to fill the PSV Stadion, filled with more than 33,000 people. The Barça Feminine party, which began in the sunny streets of Eindhoven, was however almost spoiled by the canonical departure of the “Wölfinnen”, more enterprising and ultra-efficient under the battering of Ewa Pajor (3rd, 0-1 ) and Alexandra Popp (37th, 0-2). But the Catalans have appropriated the motto of their opponents, “Immer Hungrig” (“always hungry”), to bite them back from the locker room. Patricia “Patri” Guijarro (48th, 50th) sounded the revolt, with the left foot then the head, and Fridolina Rölfo (70th) finished the job, triggering a din of all the devils in the stands colored blue and garnet . Two years after the inaugural title of 2021, the Barcelona women sit a little more the dream of European hegemony that they cultivate in the face of the weakening of Lyon, sacred monster of women’s football with its eight crowns, eliminated in the spring in the quarter-finals .

Women’s Barça won the 2023 Champions League. REUTERS – YVES HERMAN

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