Barcelona, ​​is Barcelona again (power a comma)

Barcelona, ​​is Barcelona again (power a comma)

2023-06-04 11:00:22

Barcelona, my city. A powerful, fighting, happy and alive city. A city of colors, although in recent years only two have shown off: white and black. A rich city, also in spirit. Crown jewel. A diamond, although sometimes rough.

Barcelona, ​​diverse and creative city. With multiple facets, where contrasts coexist harmoniously, which enriches and stimulates the city, its citizens and its lovers, who are not those of Teruel.

Barcelona is infinite, like the sky and its clouds, like the sea and its waves, like the squares and its people. That they rock you, drag you or yell at you, depending on the day. Depending on how you look at it.

Barcelona we are all. People, shops, bars, restaurants, workshops, small businesses. They appear and disappear, they leave, they come, they lower the blind, they are sold or they reinvent themselves.

Barcelona, ​​a city that falls in love. When you hear his name or see a photo, you can’t stop something moving inside of you. For a moment, you are stunned. Yes, it is her, the city of your dreams. The one that still, despite everything, continues to move you. You wouldn’t know why but just hearing her name, you get excited.

Barcelona, ​​a consolidated city. A unique product and, behind it, a brand concept. The Barcelona brand, an endorsement for everyone: people, companies, industry, investors, small businesses and, of course, institutions.

Barcelona, ​​umbrella brand. A brand that takes advantage of its good reputation -in investment, in work, in behavior, in the way of doing things, in protocols, in treatment, in efficiency- that people perceive and that makes it form their image. Having a reputation does not mean much, the issue is that this reputation is good or excellent, to endorse other related brands. Companies like Coca-Cola or Nike take advantage of this strategy to launch new products or secondary brands. Strategy applicable to countries, regions or cities.

Values ​​and characteristics

Barcelona, ​​city brand. A set of values, characteristics, assets and strategies that create a differential and unique identity of a city. It provides differentiation from other cities, creating unique value and great confidence that help it develop and expand its potential.

Barcelona, ​​a capital city. The center of Europe. The center of the world. Capable of boosting its attributes and generating exciting and relevant appeal so that its potential public prefers it over other proposals; either to live, study, work, invest or simply to visit and walk.

Barcelona, ​​the best bet. Design, avant-garde, art, modernity, innovation, new trends, the future. Fusion of architecture, urbanism, sculpture and restoration. Differential, almost unique. A sea and mountains in the same city.

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Barcelona, ​​that’s you. My city.

Barcelona, ​​how I wanted you to come back. And, it seems, you’re back.

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