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No more work for 158 employees. Completed the orders entrusted by the former Arcuri commissioner. Hope is in the automotive company Martur

In November the last fluorescent lamps were produced and on December 22nd the order for the creation of the meltblown (non-woven fabric) for the packaging of surgical masks was completed following a contract signed with the structure of the former extraordinary commissioner. for the Covid-19 emergency Domenico Arcuri. So when the holidays return, the 158 employees of Baritech srl (formerly Osram then Ledvance) will no longer have work to complete. It is the sad ending – hopefully temporary – of an industrial history born in the 1980s. That German factory which had brought light and occupation and which is now a source of darkness. “We are working to find an alternative also for reindustrialisation – says Leo Caroli, head of the regional employment task force – and there are already expressions of interest. Next month we will take stock of the situation ». The supply agreement with the state provided for the renewal of another year, but on the case the Mise, which coordinates the crisis tables, urged the commissioner for news. The fact is that it is hoped for a definitive relaunch solution (until April there is the possibility of activating the layoffs).

In pole position are the Turks of Martur, a company of car components that is looking for a plexus to make investments of 20 million in two steps. To this end, an application was submitted to the Region for a program contract for the construction of the car seat structures. Martur’s interest is for 82 thousand square meters uncovered on building a factory. While there are two other candidates: an Apulian engineering entrepreneur (he would like the current 26 thousand square meter factory without plants) and another, also from Puglia, of textiles (he would also take over the four lines for the production of mask fabrics).

The Bosch emergency does not take a back seat when it comes to corporate crises. The agreement signed in 2017 between the company, the Region and the trade unions provided for an update of the employment situation in 2022. At the time, the estimated redundancies were about 620, so much so that production continued with rounds of layoffs. The point is that the global picture of the automotive sector has not changed. Or rather: it sees the diesel sector, of which the Bari plant is a leader, significantly retreating to a total block by 2035 (date set by the EU). So the risks for Bari are increasingly evident. The company was convened by the region in mid-January. On that occasion, the prospects will be understood. In the meantime, Bosch states that there have been no reports of redundancies.

31 December 2021 | 12:25

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